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These fish are dye injected. I urge you to stay away from them as the process can be stressful for fish and can lead to health problems. It is not right and an end should be put to it asap. 

It’s true. It’s very cruel. When I worked in the pet shop my manager ordered some in and straight away when I walked in that Monday morning I said “Send them back. Seriously. Send them back”. He refused, and every single one of the injected fish died within the first month.

It’s a horrible practice. I know the fish look pretty and colourful, but the colour will NOT last. It will seep out of their scales and they will turn back white again. Not only this, but the dye can enter the water and turn it toxic, causing the fish to get a number of fatal diseases. Please don’t EVER buy these fish if you come across them in a pet store. And openly TELL the shop that you disagree with them buying in “Dyed/Painted” Parrot Cichlids. Thank you <3


i hate feelings. 



Budget cuts. R2D2 working the mail at Ft Benning!